Update: Text Style in Global Styling

This is just a quick heads up to inform you that we are making a few improvements to the text styles menu in Global Styling in the Editor. The changes will come into effect as of Wednesday February 7, 2018.

What’s changing?

We’re giving you a new set of “light” text styles to choose from in Global Styling. Up until now, each style only came in one design setting and could therefore only be a single color. Now we’re doubling up on text styles, meaning you will have all your styles – for example Spot Text, Headline, and Subtitle - in both a dark and a light version.   

Why is it changing?

Having two sets of text styles available in Global Styling means more flexibility in pre-styling texts across your site and less manual fulfilment work changing font colors locally on the site. In other words, you can reap the benefits of automation which is exactly what we here at Mono want to help our partners accomplish to the fullest extent possible.

Introducing new text styles is also a preparatory step towards delivering the Mono Experience to our partners. With new text styles in hand, be prepared for more ready-made, conversion-based page layouts for you to easily implement on your templates and sites. We will tell you much more about these exciting prospects over the coming weeks.

What will it look like in the Editor?

In Global Styling > Module Design > Text, you’ll notice that we’ve introduced a new naming structure and added a number of additional text styling options. It’s important to note that none of the previous text styles have been removed. We’ve merely renamed them to better accommodate the new dark/light terminology. The table and screenshot below illustrate the changes.

Text style - previous name Text style - new name
(new) Dark Spot Text
(new) Dark Small Spot Text
Headline Dark Headline
Subtitle Dark Subtitle
Small Subtitle Dark Small Subtitle
Preamble Dark Preamble
Body Dark Body Text
Small Text Dark Small Text
Spot Text Light Spot Text
Small Spot Text Light Small Spot Text
(new) Light Headline
(new) Light Subtitle
(new) Light Small Subtitle
(new) Light Preamble
(new) Light Body Text
(new) Light Small Text


Do I need to do anything?

You don’t. Your Global Styling menu will update automatically and none of your existing websites will be affected in any way.

When you’re building templates, make sure to be conscious of the new text style names – and use them to your advantage!